Animating Paths

Exploration of path animations with decay in Canvas

Postmates Deliveries

Visualizing Postmates deliveries in New York City. This project used decaying particle animations on canvas to represent the routes of deliveries in the city. Routes are color coded by vehicle, and GPS points are left as bread crumbs to reveal a map of city roads.

New York Couriers from Postmates on Vimeo.


A feed of the present. A modern take on the concept of television. Read more about the project in the press: Wired, New York Magazine, and Core77.

with James Thompson


A collection of work around the string quartets composed by Franz Joseph Haydn.

The Life and Death of Taxes

A small entry to the 2010 Data Viz Challenge. released 30 years of tax information. We chose to focus on the lifespans of accounts.

See the project on the data viz challenge site.

with James Thompson


A tangible, persistent, single-bit communication device. Based on the Pairs framework (to be posted soon).

with Gregory Kress

Collaborative Workspace of the Future

As part of the year-long design course at Stanford, ME310, we are building tools to help designers collaborate via long distance in the early stage of the design process. Remote brainstorming is rare even in today's globalized workplace. We are exploring ways to both bridge the gap between distributed designers, as well as provide them the tools to effectively share ideas during the brainstorming phase of design.

Sponsor: Autodesk Corporation.
with Lindsey Heine, Mike Situ, Juan Garcia, Diego Muriel, Jose Luis Torres, Erik Toh, Jonathan Hernandez, Xuan Smith

BoxBuddy: assisted packing device

BoxBuddy was a project for Stanford's CS247 Interaction Design Studio class. It is photo-taking system for items in a box during the packing/moving process. By giving users simple manual control over phototaking, as well as automated photo taking using motion detection, the system creates photo memories of every box packed. This alleviates the process of finding that single book out of a pile of boxes in the garage.

Finger-tracking: Application for rapid cropping

For the CS223B computer vision project, we developed a finger tracker that could be used as a selection device during the scanning of paper documents. Instead of placing photos in a scanner or taking photos with a digital camera, we developed a simple circle-to-crop interaction.

Mini USB LED Swing-Arm Lamp

The Mini USB Swing Arm Lamp enhances the workspace environment by providing a brilliant source of white led light as well as a refined, aesthetic appeal. Designed with an anti-gooseneck framework, Mini Lamp offers the same capabilities of traditional swing arm lamps, scaled down to suit the dimensions of a laptop work environment.

Planet in a Bottle

As a research engineer at MIT, I built an observation station for a 'miniature earth' climate model. See it in action.


As a class project for CS229 Machine Learning, we constructed high resolution images from a series of low resolution images.

Balancing Robot

As a class project for an analog electronics lab, we built a two-wheeled balancing robot.