Andrew Wong

I'm a data visualization engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in maps, visualizing complexity, and tool-building.

If you would like to chat, I can be reached at: wongavision upon gmail dought com

Selected Works

The Columbia River

A new map of the Columbia River water shed, emphasizing the incredible vasculature of the system as well as the incessant building of dams and salmon hatcheries.

w/ Stamen Design


Born out of an exploration into what a modern incarnation of television would feel like. We wanted to preserve the sense of immediacy in television, but bring a stronger feeling of rawness in the moment. In some ways, it is an answer to the question “What would a foreign being see if they could point a telescope at random places on earth?”

Read about the project in nymag, wired. Listen to it on BBC's Digital Human.

w/ James Thompson

Animating Paths

Experiments in path manipulation on canvas. A few animation parameters yields a wide range of fine structure.